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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 2, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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the results are in from iowa and the candidates are already moving on to new hampshire. the race to new hampshire has already begun. republican ted cruz and former secretary of state hillary clinton coming out on top. demand for concessions as more civilians are reported killed in airstrikes. peace strikes in syria making slow progress. and david camera -- david
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cameron renegotiating membership of the european union. is it a victory for the grassroots supporters, a win for the anti-establishment candidate or simply a sign of how wide open this year's to the white house actually is? the first contest to pick nominees for the republican and democratic presidential candidates have ended. ted cruz and hillary clinton on top respectively. the democratic party result could hardly have been closer. vote were decided on a coin toss. clinton: i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief.
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thank you, iowa. know that i will keep doing what i have done my entire life. i will keep standing up or you, i will keep fighting for you. as i think about what happened tonight, i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment, and why the way, to the media establishment. as the candidates move on to new hampshire, political commentators are tuning in for what the results mean. for the republican party, the first, second and third place candidates represent a wide spectrum of medical opinion.
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reporter: it was a record turnout, one that was some close to play out in donald trump toss favor. but as a night unfolded, the billionaire was gradually edged out by his main rival, ted cruz. at 10:27, fox news, nbc and abc called it. a victory for ted cruz. >> god bless the great state of iowa. tonight, the state of iowa has spoken. has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not he chosen by the media. it was a disappointing second-place for the clinically experienced donald trump, whose score was played up as a test of whether his poll results would translate into actual votes.
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his concession speech, the media and real estate mogul congratulated ted cruz and insist he was determined to see out the race until the end. mr. trump: we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever is a throw up there. wasrter: the other surprise marco rubio who led a tie for second place before finishing a point and a half behind trump. after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. the first twist in what promises to be a tight electoral race. rest onsenator will not his laurels. the last two republican candidates to win the iowa caucuses eventually both lost the republican nomination. a closer: let's take
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look at the results and what they mean for the presidential election race. thank you for being with us. we just heard more about the republican race. ted cruz had been expected to win but marco rubio was a bit of a third prize in third place. perhaps the republican heartland is not being won over by donald trump and hard-line ted cruz after all. we see rubio was able to make an impressive showing, being close in a record turnout for the gop, that tells us something about things to come. folks may not recognize that iowa is a very conservative state and ted cruz went to all 99 counties and had a strong connection with evangelicals. ablethat turnout, he was to tap into new voters and traditional caucus hours. so it was a big night for ted
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cruz and marco, not so much for donald trump. catherine: he has been so bombastic -- does coming in second spell the end of his political ambitions, if not now, maybe for down the road? guest: i think it is early to allow trump inc. successful, but as you said, one of his strategies and trying to connect with the public was this aura of inevitability. to mike tyson. once he was beat once, he never had the same feel and we could end up seeing something like that with donald trump or he cannot hold up the fact he is leading in polls as his main reason for people to support him when he has actually been beaten when it comes to actual votes. catherine: on the democratic party side, hillary clinton may have slightly edged ahead, seeing her branded winner
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overall, but this was pretty much a draw. she even said she was breathing a sigh of relief. for someone seen as a front runner for as long as hillary was, it is kind of a defeat, isn't it? guest: it is at least something to make voters realize that she is in a real fight and she will be in a protracted fight for this nomination. in the short run, expectations were ramped up for sanders to get that win in iowa and then in new hampshire. when hend of the day, had the virtual tie with just a few actual people, it shows he was able to do a lot in a short time and the clinton campaign should take his candidacy seriously. many of us on this side of the atlantic had not heard of bernie sanders this time last year. now he is trending on social media and mobilizing the under 40's vote. it sounds quite a lot like
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barack obama a back when -- it sounds like sanders could go all the way. if bernie sanders is strategic in reaching out to those younger voters as well as tolly making a strong effort educate voters of color, particularly the black community and lee teedo -- latino community and the connection he sees between their needs and policies he already has in place, he may stand a chance. if he fails at making those ofnections to those voters color, i don't think the current coalition would be enough. pitionefinitely in a to really give hillary a run and perhaps even when. catherine: thank you very much for your time. moving on to the middle east now -- forces loyal to the syrian government breaking a in aleppo.g siege
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a syrian carnal saying today that the army is just three .ilometers away if the military does break those sieges, it will cut off the only remaining opposition supply route between aleppo city and the north of the province. the observatory for human rights reports at least 18 civilians killed today in russian airstrikes backing up government forces north of aleppo. it is too early for peace talks in syria so says the head of the syrian government organization. groups are demanding they and their sieges on various towns and cities, but president assad wants concessions as well. the back and forth continues. a day after the special envoy declared an official stop to peace -- official start to peace
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talks. we are still in the preparatory phase of indirect talks between the delegations of the syrian republic and the delegation of the syrian opposition groups. during a two and half hour meeting on tuesday, they realized conditions had not yet been right for proximity talks. assad also took a jab at the opposition. meanwhile, the main opposition committee canceled the second meeting on tuesday. this, after syrian government forces launched a major offensive on rebel positions. >> there are no -- there are
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assurances -- [inaudible] negotiator waser cast out over the peace talks. >> given the reality on the ground, we are not optimistic and we believe the regime does not really want to find a solution. reporter: the u.n. has called the geneva talks last hope for the syrian people to end the war that has killed a quarter of a million people and force half the population to flee their homes. the united states and its allies are vowing to accelerate and intensify the fight against the islamic state group in libya. ministers from the 23 countries involved are coming together in rome this tuesday. they noted progress being made against the militants but resisted calls to join militarily in your -- in libya.
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take a listen to u.s. secretary of state john kerry. --retary kerry: sick president obama made it clear at the beginning of the operations in libya when the nato and theon was passed operations began that he did not intend to put boots on the ground in terms of a major deployment in libya. president will never eliminate every option for ever of common sense dictated the situation changed or required him to adjust. that is not in his horizon at the moment. is it real progress or just gimmicks question mark the british prime minister is unveiling what he calls new advances in renegotiating with
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the european union. the list of proposals made public today are just proposals and skeptics have already been lining up to take potshots. we can get a closer look with our correspondent in brussels. what has david council and the european union president agreed on? deal -- a deal that has not impressed the euro skeptics. the deal tackles for areas like giving more sovereignty back to london and defining relations between the eurozone and non-eurozone countries and a desire to opt out aven ever closer union. negotiatorsficult -- four negotiators is a gradual elimination of the benefits.
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this is an emergency brake system that would only be used prove theircould social security system is overwhelmed and then they would get the approval of a qualified majority at the european council. catherine: all of this is of primary interest to the u.k. and citizens who might want to work there but how might it impact other european countries as well? guest: it is being reported daily in the european press all over because it would be relevant to them. in the proposals today, it means all eu member states would be allowed to apply if they feel their social security system is under pressure. there is also a system that would mean the u.k. could block proposals for regulations or directives coming out of here. they would have three months to put a stop to them after they were present. the member states are examining these draft proposals as we
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speak and eu ambassadors are set to meet your this friday, but the tricky part will be when you have the states together in that room, we heard this morning, the proposals called a good basis for a compromise but the parliament president was not so diplomatic this morning when he said the u.k. should stay in the eu. compromise needed, perhaps. thank you very much. to resolvenew bid the particle vacuum in spain. within the last hour, the king has asked the leader of the socialist party to try to form a government. they came in second in december's election and the conservative popular party has failed to couple together a coalition. one for the film fans now -- the
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cannes film festival has just announced the head of the jury and its the man behind the mad max franchise, director george miller. he's the first australian to be asked to be jury president and it marks a departure from the normally art-house names. we have more now on his career so far. oscar-winning director and screenwriter george miller can add festival president to his impressive achievements. the 70-year-old australian film maker will have the honor of heading this years cannes film festival. his break in hollywood came with his mad max films. the first installment in 1979 launched the career of mel officeand became a box hit, blending westerns, science fiction and road movie john rose. two years later, his second mad max film was a critical success, as was a third film in 1985.
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followed 30ilm years later. it was presented last year out of competition at the film festival. it was a critical and commercial success. it has received 10 oscar nominations, including best film and best director. unlike the art-house cinema of the coen brothers who presided over leicester's festival, miller is an unusual choice. is known as much for his blockbusters as his experiments with different genres for which he has won international acclaim, like "lorenzo's oil, based on the true story of parents trying to save their terminally ill son. he's also shown his talent in family films like the
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oscar-nominated "babe" who -- about a pig who wants to become a sheep dog. an oscar for "happy feet" in 2006. very cute, indeed. now we have some footage of a rather unusual scenes at a zoo in tokyo. an escaped zebra roaming around the park. you don't have to be that you lied to see it is an imposter. this is a zookeeper in fancy dress in part of a drill about how to deal with an escaped animal. beenostume may not have convincing. they eventually shot it with an anesthetic dart. dartpe the drugs and that might have been fake as well. all good fun.
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time for a recap of our headlines this hour here. the results are in from iowa and candidates are already moving to do hampshire. the race for the white house has well and truly gun -- well and truly begun with ted cruz and hillary clinton coming out on top. more demand for concessions as more civilians are reported killed in air strikes. these talks in syria slow progress in geneva. and david cameron hails progress in his attempts to renegotiate the u.k.'s membership in the european union. time now with we are starting in the virtual world, where the united states and the european union reached a more than virtual deal. real deal to control the virtual world. negotiators have been trying to
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replace the controversial agreement called safe harbor which was struck down by european authorities amid concerns u.s. surveillance want to have stronger oversight of companies as well as guarantees european personal data would be subject to safeguards and imitations. privacy shield has to be approved on both sides and will be crucial for thousands of companies, including credit card, travel and online transactions and adds that cover targeted customers. >> we want to make sure when european personal data is sent to the united states, that the data continues to be protected, secure and an open exchange of data is very important in our digital world. we have agreed with our u.s. partners to a new framework that checks and the right
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balances for our citizens. toe: the eu is also trying crack down on multinational companies like google and apple which are accused of taking advantage of loopholes to pay lower taxes. eu countries lose out on between it 20 billion euros and 70 billion euros because of tax avoidance. setting upnsidering a common tax base for european countries and regulations to ensure countries pay taxes and countries where they make their profit. countries have been competing against one another for years to see who can be the most generous to these companies and now, we are to see competition to be the country to make the companies pay the most. kate: to the markets now, pretty heavy losses in europe, the indices closing down more than 2%. british trillion saw its shares
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lose 8%. a similar story on wall street, or the dow has fallen more than 300 point secession. the nasdaq slipping more than 2%. alphabet, google's paris -- parent company has halved its gains after overtaking apple as the world's most valuable company. oil prices weighing on investors. international brent futures down and u.s. crude down but up slightly after dipping below $30 a barrel. oil prices has plummeted by as much as 70% and that is hitting the bottom line for oil companies run the world. chevron reported its first quarterly loss in over a decade and bp announces sharpest dip in the profits and said it would cut 9% of its workforce. blame it on production
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-- with oil prices continuing to plunge, it was only a matter of time before profit fell. fourth quarter gains at exxon mobil dropped 58%. made a profitill thanks to exxon's refining and chemical businesses profiting from low oil and natural gas prices. the price of a gallon of oil hit twice $7.10 last month, the price in 14 years. results are far worse for bp. it's profits nosede by 90% with aurth quarter ended $3.3 billion loss. overall, the oil giant lost $6.48 billion compared to $3 billion in profits the year before. as a result, bp has announced layoffs in the near future. 4000 jobs will disappear in exploration and production and another 3000 in marketing and refining by the end of 2017.
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global demand has dropped while top producers refused to cut their output, forcing prices down. russia pumped a record amount of crude oil in january. though moscow has suggested meeting with opec countries to resolve the crisis, none has been scheduled. kate: to ireland next were the government is hoping the recovery will bring irish people who emigrated back home. ireland's now spring -- experiencing strong economic growth. reporter: eight years after the irish economy collapsed, it is on the mend. alan sullivan is feeling optimistic. his company reduced production, cut 12 of 13 jobs and/salaries, but the sacrifices paid off.
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>> it's a relief and we are happy with the way things are going now. it was normally such a difficult time for us. >> you didn't know how many months you were left, so basically we put our heads down and worked as much as we could to work our way out of the recession. an area of dublin known as silicon docs is testament to that. the country's low corporate tax , although draw ireland faces political pressure from its eu neighbors to increase it, the government sees it as a key to the country's success. the economic comeback is large enough that the government announced a campaign to entice irish people who left during the crash back home. this former soldier returned from mozambique to start a tech business with government support
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, although it comes with stringent conditions. >> within three years, you must have a revenue of one million and have 10 full-time employees and you must be exporting internationally. hoping manynment is thousands more will join him. : an indian carmaker will rebrand new model due to be released because it could be confused with the zika virus which has spawned a health emergency. the hatchback was also to be zica, which is apparently an abbreviation for a zippy car. socially responsible, but i imagine that is a strategic move to distance themselves from what is a very serious virus. catherine: and we have a new
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development coming through from the state of texas with authority saying they have detected a zika virus that is sexually transmitted. we will have more on that in our next half hour. we will take a short break
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02/02/16 02/02/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> as i stand here tonight breathing a big cyber leaf, thank you, iowa. >> tonight, while the results are still not known, it looks like we're in a virtual tie. iowa has begun tonight is a political revolution. amy: bernie sanders declares a


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